“My daughter is beginning her sixth season at the Russian Academy of Ballet at Alafaya. This is the ballet school we keep coming back to every year.
1. Appropriateness – Honestly, this is the first reason we entered the studio.
2. Superb instruction. Attention to detail.
3. Students learn quality ballet, giving them a solid foundation for any dance style.
4. Performances! Students are given multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year.
5. Wisdom & strength – Students legs are prepared and strengthened before going on pointe.
6. Growth – Students grow in their abilities and skill level. Every year there is an amazing transformation in skill level.
7. World class dancers – It’s exciting to know that our students receive experience and quality instruction.
8. You will feel at home here.”
Kristie W, Review from Yelp! (Orlando, FL)
Best Ballet School in Florida 🙂 rules and discipline perfect our kids learn real ballet and acting in theatre like Europe their school same too we are too lucky to in this school :))
Ayca Nur SoydanCoskuncan, Review from Facebook
Absolutely the BEST ballet instruction at this school. My daughter has been with this school since she was 3 years old and she is now 11 and going into her 2nd yr on pointe! Beautiful costumes, LOVING owners and phenomenal instruction are cultivated here. This school emulates the love and perfection of dance. If you are interested in offering your child the opportunity to have flawless, graceful technique and the chance to perform in the community look no further! We would love to have you become a part of our family here at RABA!
Xiomara Patricia S, Review from Facebook
My daughters absolutely love the school ; they get individualized attention ; it feels like family here ; the instructors are very professional and dedicated ; their shows are absolutely amazing ; simply the best ballet school ever
Soy Sar, Review from Facebook
Cinderella ballet on 22 February was wonderful, thank you for your beautiful performance
Natalia Alaimo , Review from Facebook
I LOVE this place. My girls are so lucky to have such an amazing studio with the world’s best ballet teachers and choreographers so close to home. There’s nowhere else they would rather be.
Laura Gettings Woodward , Review from Facebook