Summer work classes (No registration fee)

Summer work program start from July 7 thru July 28, 2018.

Ages 3 and up beginning dancers are welcome to register!

Ages 3 and 4,  Every Saturday from July 7 to 28, for four weeks, $70

Ages 5 and up, three groups, from July 9 thru 27, Monday -Friday, three weeks:

Drop off from 9:00 am, pick up 3-4-5 pm

More information; 407-243-9933 or russianballetalafaya@gmail.com

Group 1-$150 per week; Group 2-$170 per week; Group 3-$190 per week

Season 2018-2019 start at August 9, 2018


Ballet and modern are fundamental building blocks for success in this class/dance discipline. Please ensure the student is also studying ballet as the foundation for all dance forms.